Website Write-Up


  1. “For job-seekers today, the most difficult hurdle to overcome is simply getting noticed. Even with impeccable credentials, you will need something extra to separate yourself from the stack of identical-looking resumes or business cards on the hiring manager’s desk.” These first two sentences really stuck out to me. I really think this advice can apply to any student’s major. It is really important that we develop skills that will enable us to stick out from the rest of the field.
  2. Implementing a QR code into our portfolios that allows the staff who is contemplating hiring us, to quickly access our information and give us an edge in getting the job. The QR code can directly send them your “about me” page.
  3. This website also encourages us to include a QR code on the back of our business card that will send them to our “contact me” page. This will greatly enhance the ease of them getting a hold of us.
  4. A communication degree we obtain needs to reflect the fact that we are ourselves can communicate. The QR code simply enhances that process and speeds things up.
  5. Use multiple QR codes when you are job searching so that a potential employer is able to be experience multiple facets of the applicant.


  1. “Often called the “Marine Corps of journalism”—always first in and last out—AP reports history in urgent installments, always on deadline.” I think this is what will make us successful as communication students. Completing our various tasks always on deadline. When we do this, we will find success.
  2. In order to be successful as a journalist, we must be on site and these events take place. “The Associated Press delivers more than 3,000 photos a day from journalists recording news as it happens around the world.”
  3. The Associated Press offers internships for cross-format journalists.
  4. “Even in this digital age, AP remains the definitive source for reliable news across the globe.” It is tough in this digital age to stay on top and the AP does it because their staff is always on the front lines in news stories. That is something I will have to learn how to do very well.
  5. “When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in August 2005, many Associated Press staffers were personally affected. Some of them lived and worked in the area, while others had family who needed help. AP employees rallied to help these colleagues by setting up the AP Emergency Relief Fund, which has since become a source of crucial assistance to staff and family members worldwide.” This is part of what makes the AP so successful. They are willing to give and reach out to help others in need.


  1. Being a part of I-Comm student media gives me a chance to gain real life work experience in all forms of media.
  2. The students on campus write the scroll and distribute it on campus. Anyone can be a member of the scroll as a communication major.
  3. Being a member of scroll can help in many ways in getting a job for other media related positions.
  4. In being a part of the scroll I would gain a lot of experience that would help to become a better journalist.
  5. I could also become a part of the Soapbox Agency and get involved there.\


  1. As a communications major, it is important to know deadlines and time zones to better communicate and to be more efficient in our professional interactions.
  2. It is really neat that you can make a printable PDF calendar that has all of your events assigned and scheduled.
  3. In the time zone section there are multiple planners items that can be of value to someone working in public relations.
  4. There are iPhone apps for the world clock, timer, world map, and more for communication majors with smartphones.
  5. There are many different calculators that can calculate travel time, week number, distance, and many other things.


  1. She has an amazingly well designed website to showcase her pictures.
  2. Web design is showcased very beautifully here. Those persons wanting to get into web design should look through this web site.
  3. Creating a blog to include others can be huge in marketing yourself and your work.


  1. PRSSA is a great place to find internships and connect with thousands of other people in getting a job.
  2. PRSSA is made up of more than 11,000 students and advisers organized into 300 plus chapters in the United States, Argentina, Colombia and Peru. This is a great way to find students in other countries to connect with.
  3. If you become a member, then you’ll get help with experience, achievements, and practical knowledge that employers are seeking.
  4. Network is huge in communciations and PRSSA can connect you to lifelong opportunity, experience and professional growth.
  5. Another great thing about PRSSA is the ability to advance. A national committee comprised of students leads PRSSA and professionals dedicated to assisting public relations students.


  1. The American Advertising Federation is the nation’s oldest national advertising trade association.
  2. They have local ad clubs that exist in many markets and range in size from 30 to 3,000 members. It would benefit a communications major greatly to get involved and become a member of one of these clubs.


  1. In the left corner of the screen there is a display with your cumulative GPA score on it, which is useful.
  2. The grad plan lays out everything we need to be completing throughout our various semesters and it makes registering each semester that much easier.
  3. You’re able to search through all of the courses that are available at Brigham Young University-Idaho and it can help in finding courses that are required for you communication major.
  4. On the left side of the screen you’ll see a message/error board that informs you of any classes that are still need of attention.
  5. They have a directories, calendar, and site index tabs to help you find what you need to successfully plan out your semesters.


  1. The College of Business and Communication page had a lot of helpful information on it. On their front page they post various events and group trips that you can participate on campus through the college of business and communication.
  2. There was important information as to where they are located on campus, phone number, and the hours they are available.
  3. They had a department tab on the left side of the page so that you could find out what major you needed to receive more information about.
  4. They had a direct link for networking more effectively.
  5. There was a tab for college summits where you could learn about past summits and speakers.


  1. This website has very valuable tools for communication majors. There are templates and themes that you can choose from to build up a project that you might have.
  2. The templates that they do have really help for so many different scenarios. The personal budget template can help you present financial presentation and the other templates for reports can help facilitate that.
  3. Another really useful set of programs that Microsoft offers is Word, Excel, PowerPoint. All of these programs can greatly enhance a presentation or project.
  4. Microsoft has now released these programs to all platforms including mobile.
  5. They have a store that makes it easy purchase anything you might need. You’re able to make an account and access anything via their website.


  1. Their website provides a wide range of topics that deal with job interviews.
  2. They teach students how to behave in an interview, which is crucial for communication majors striving to be hired quickly upon graduation.
  3. They can teach you job specific questions that will enable the interviewee to succeed in an interview.
  4. There are many different tabs that are really helpful in understanding how to interview effectively.
  5. There are step-by-step write-ups that will enable students to have a leg up on the interviewing process.

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